“I have been through a lot of trainings but nothing like the sessions that Mike provided. It is very interactive and engaging. The tools and the coaching really helped me shape and solidify my leadership style.”

—Pete P., Manager


I have had the opportunity to work with Mike for the past five years, he has provided both management training and executive coaching for our leadership team.  Mike is a true professional, he works with us to understand our goals and tailors his coaching style to our needs and the needs of our employees. Mike is passionate about what he does and has had great success in bringing our managers to the next level in their careers.

—Cristie P., Director of HR, Alpha Analytics

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Scarpone as a consultant for a strategic plan for our non-profit organization, Hope After Loss. Although Mike was not located geographically near us as he resides in Maine and our organization is based in CT, we still chose him to be our consultant based on his background, his willingness to travel to us for key pieces of the process, and his flexibility.
Mike’s approach was thorough. He first engaged the board and staff in a questionnaire to determine what we felt the strengths and weaknesses of our organization were.   Then, he compiled the questionnaires for us all to review. The next step was a 6 hour strategic planning retreat in Connecticut with board and staff members working together to identify our overarching goals and measures toward those goals. After he compiled an outline of our plan, he met with staff for 4 hours and board members for 2 hours to lay the pieces together. This is where Mike’s strength lies. He listens. He listens to the staff. He listens to the board. He helps see through to what is best for the organization overall. Mike helped us to form a clear vision with our goals. We also have a more clear understanding of the roles of the staff and the roles of the board. Everyone had input in the plan, and everyone has ownership in the plan.
Furthermore, Mike’s follow up is unparalleled. He did not walk away once the plan was approved. Mike is committed to seeing us carry out our plan and is open to discussions to help us in whatever way he can. This interest in who we are and what we do goes above and beyond the role of a strategic plan consultant. Mike lets you know that he is in this with you, he helped write the plan, and he wants to help you succeed with your plan. Working with Mike has helped move our organization forward for the immediate future, and for the years to come.

—Kimberly N., Chair, Board of Directors, Hope After Loss

Mike Scarponi and I met in the midst of a Lean Six Sigma turnaround at the Callaway Golf Plant in Chicopee, MA. During that time I was Plant Manager and was in need of serious help. This plant was a union plant with typical labor/management issues which are quickly brought to the surface during our efforts to instill a continuous improvement culture. I asked Mike to come in and help our middle management group gain confidence in dealing with difficult situations. He worked one-on-one with each individual and helped them understand continuous improvement is all about people, people engagement, and leadership. His impact on our middle management’s ability to motivate during difficult times was enormous.   The plant eventually won the Shingo Prize for excellence in manufacturing with a large part due to Mike’s ability to help turn the culture.
After leaving Callaway, I went to Avery Dennison as Plant Manager, another unionized facility. I again asked Mike for help with my staff. Working together we were able to make adjustments within the staff which mirrored the people values that are so critical to a successful Lean Six Sigma effort.
Mike is one of the best! He has an uncanny insight into people and is able to recognize their strengths and weaknesses quickly. His ability to give advice, work to help people succeed, and follow-up with individuals is a rare trait in a highly competitive environment.

—Paul D. W., Director, Global Operation Excellence

Making career decisions and navigating the workplace and its relationships are simultaneously emotional and objective endeavors.  I was lucky that I had Mike to guide me through rough waters.  He honored the emotion and helped me find the best solutions to meet my immediate and long term goals.
If you are looking for someone to simply tell you what to do, look elsewhere. If you are looking for someone to help discover and activate your best and most powerful self, Mike is your coach.

—Holly P., Asst. Dean, New England College

Working with Mike Scarpone had been an invaluable and positive experience for our company and for me personally.  He has a unique way of teaching, guiding, and helping us look at the larger picture. Each of his visits/classes has been memorable, and at times, life changing.

—Karin J. C., President, B-C-D Metal Products, Inc.

I am writing today to speak to my experience in a coaching capacity with Mr. Michael Scarpone. Mike was identified by my employer as someone that could assist in my growth and development.
I met Mike in December of 2015 and I knew from that initial meeting that my leaders had made to appropriate choice. I felt an immediate connection with Mike and felt very comfortable being honest with him, which would lead to a more beneficial coaching experience. Our coaching connection spanned the course of 6 months and included testing such as emotional intelligence, evaluation of my 360 review, sharing articles relevant to our coaching and 1 on 1 meetings to discuss challenging issues. We focused a lot on managing emotions in difficult situations. My organization had brought in new Senior Leadership and our styles are very different. I needed to find a way to communicate effectively with my new leader knowing that my normal approach based on my style would not be effective or heard. Mike helped me identify the ways that I could make this happen by changing my communication style, and how I presented my data. Mike was also very great at sharing his personal experiences which was very helpful to me. Mike has a blog on his website and he shared some of his blogs with me. He does not give himself enough credit for his ability to communicate a message. One of my favorites is the “Difference between a Leader and a Manager”. I continue to read this one on a regular basis as a reminder of the path I should follow. I’ve also shared his blogs with my leadership team as well for their continue growth and development.
I can honestly say that my experience with Mike was phenomenal. I learned a lot from him and enjoyed every minute of our time together. His insights and experience have assisted me in difficult situations and has allowed me to look at myself and others in a different light. I approach my leadership style with three major components in mind; Accountability, Integrity, Authenticity. These were taught to me by Mike. I appreciate that we continue to stay in touch to this day and expect that we will for the long haul. I cannot thank Mike enough for everything he has done for me and I will always wish him nothing but the best.

—Tony M., Director, Cash Operations & Credit/Collections, MaineHealth Patient Financial Services


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